“Always insightful and hilarious, Margaret delivers.  Whether a technical talk or an inspiring and motivational speech, Margaret Dawson brings magic to the stage.”

– Wendy White, vice president, Expedia, Co-founder of Women in Cloud

When we were young, most of us were encouraged to “be ourselves” and find our passion.  But somewhere along the path through puberty and to adulthood, our inner voice and external guidance vastly changed, and we find ourselves hiding our light and even being criticized for the very traits that make us unique and beautiful.

Women leaders in technology and business perhaps face this more than other groups, and all of us have learned to navigate this world in different ways. Join Margaret Dawson, as she takes us on her journey of rediscovering her light, providing guidance and humor to help everyone remember not only what their inner light is but how to let it shine in spite of the critics and societal guidelines.



“Margaret is a top-rate keynote speaker that engages as she hits multiple nerves.”

When Margaret walks into the room her presence is felt immediately. Her level of energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She is direct and makes a personal connection as if you knew her for many years. She has a unique sense of Humor! Margaret has devoted a lot of time in support of diversity over the years. She is coaching a few women that have learned a lot from her coaching!”

Luc Villeneuve

President, Benchmark Corp

“I have asked Margaret to speak at our conference multiple times because she is one of my favorite speakers. She understands the entire IT industry and describes how all the different pieces fit together. What’s even better is the way she connects with the audience and makes the presentation fun. One of the best voices we have today.

Seth Robinson

Senior Director, Technology Analysis at CompTIA

“Margaret has a hard hitting message on how women can break through cultural barriers for higher success rates. Her delivery runs from comical to mesmerizing as she paints a crystal clear picture to ingest, digest and reset future thinking on diversity for all people at all stages of life and work. Margaret is a top rate keynote speaker that engages as she hits multiple nerves. Simply fabulous.

Fawn Annan

President of ITWC & Chair at Canadian Channel Chiefs Council

SNIPPETS from margaret’s presentation



It’s important to figure out what’s important to you and what you’re passionate about. Expressing your passion helps your light to shine bright.


choosE your impact

It’s easy to forget that we’re all totally unique human beings. Leave the world knowing that you’ve made an impact and that you’ve done something that makes you…YOU!


tear down the ceiling

The ceiling is an illusion that we create when we listen to negative or unwanted input from others.


Be Your Best You

Power comes from being the very best version of you. 

Whether she’s your mentor or your keynote speaker, Margaret brings out the best in the people that she’s working with.

Your Next keynote speaker?

Margaret is available for no-fee public speaking engagements. That’s right…Free!  Looking for a keynote speaker for your event? Or participation on a panel discussion? We’d love to hear from you.

An Interview with Margaret Dawson


Eleanor Beaton of the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast interviews Margaret Dawson, Women in IT USA Winner and VP, Portfolio Product Marketing at #RedHat “The greatest power comes when you fully let your unique light shine.” – Margaret Dawson  #womenintech #Quote #tech #entrepreneurs

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