“Margaret is a truly gifted and charismatic presenter. As a thought leader on gender diversity and female empowerment, she is in a league of her own; defining passion. When she walks on stage, she’s like a lightning bolt; everyone in the room is energized and ready to listen. Even the shyest person is eager to share their insight and engage. She feels like she’s their best friend. I judge presenters on how much of their message stays with me a day or two later. Margaret delivers quality content that inspires you to take action.

Alix Edmiston

President, AE Public Relations

When Margaret walks into the room her presence is felt immediately. Her level of energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She is direct and makes a personal connection as if you knew her for many years. She has a unique sense of Humor! Margaret has devoted a lot of time in support of diversity over the years. She is coaching a few women that have learned a lot from her coaching!”

Claude Reeves

Director, Enterprise Sales, Canada, Red Hat

Margaret does an excellent job of connecting with her audience. Her command of the topics and her presentation style keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.”

Sam Babic

SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Hyland

“Margaret is an unstoppable force. She’s smart, quick, witty, warm, energetic, and compassionate. She’s not only a talented marketing executive but a great mentor and leader. She has the potent combo of blending the mastery of marketing mechanics with thought leadership, messaging, and positioning. She makes everywhere she goes and everyone she works with better. I would work with, for, or alongside her in a heartbeat.”

Robert Whiteley, 

CMO, NginX

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