The Stevie® Award trophy is one of the world’s most coveted prizes.  Since 2002 the Gold Stevie Award has been conferred for achievement in business to organizations and individuals in more than 60 nations.




Margaret is a builder, a change agent, and a coach. She is a frequent speaker and author on technology trends, women in tech, digital marketing, and living intentionally. During her many startup gigs, Margaret’s creative leadership built bigger than reality brands that resulted in several successful acquisitions and some fantastic implosions. 

In leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, she used her intrapreneurship and collaborative management to drive new global initiatives, including cloud at HP, security at Microsoft, international e-commerce at Amazon, and now, integrated solutions at Red Hat. 

She has a passion for mentoring women and men in tech,and is unapologetic in her drive for increased equality and diversity, as well as her unique talents of snorting while laughing and swearing like a sailor. 

Margaret was awarded The Stevie® Award trophy in 2016 for her significant contribution in mentoring fellow business people. And she was awarded the Women in IT, USA Award in 2018. 

In her spare time, she loves mothering her now-grown five children and spending time with her fellow tech-geek husband at their home outside Seattle, WA. You can follow Margaret’s rants @seattledawson on Twitter. 


A Word From Margaret


I always have been.

And for some reason, people find this incredibly odd, and sometimes, actually disturbing.

I can’t help it. I’ve snorted when I laugh as long as I can remember, and the harder I laugh, the more I snort. It’s a cycle. For years, I tried not snorting, hiding my laughter, because people always freaked out when they heard it.

But today, I snort loud and proud and often. It still freaks people out, and some people can still be rather mean about it. I don’t care.

And this is what this website is all about. Snorting out Loud, and Letting Your True Light Shine!

Snorting, of course, is just a metaphor for whatever it is that makes you, uniquely, you.

And for whatever reason, most of us do not allow ourselves to be who we truly are. This is especially true for women, and particularly true for women in industries dominated by men, such as high tech or medicine. But I’ve met and coached many men who also struggle with this.

In fact, this story started with me speaking at women in technology conferences about why we don’t have more women in tech. While there are very practical things we can do around education, opportunities, hiring processes, and more; I realized a key reason is that we are keeping girls and women from recognizing their ability to be successful in tech. If we stopped snuffing out the natural light so many girls and boys have, I think we’d have less of a problem. More people would be doing what they love.

We are born into this world with unique traits. Each of us has the inherent ability to do amazing things. But over time, our feeling of wonderment and joy for who we are gets squashed, or at least narrowed. And we end up being 15 or 25 or 40 or 80 and feeling like we don’t really know why are on this planet or what difference we are making.

I know I am not the only one who was always asking, “Why am I here?” I always thought there was some incredible, metaphysical answer. But the reality is – You are here to be YOU.

That’s it!

And you can change the world with YOUR amazingness.

I have been on a journey figuring out who I am, and while I continue on my journey, I have amassed some lessons and tools I like to share with others.

I hope you will join me on this journey. And feel free to snort along the way!